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Uniquely traditional Indonesia

"Unity in Diversity" which means different but still one nevertheless. That diversity in Indonesia. Indonesia is an archipelagic country so rich in both natural and cultural resources and also customs. How not, each tribe of this nation has its own custom istiadatya. Therefore, creating the slogan "Unity in Diversity", which means 'different but still one nevertheless'

Cultural diversity of Indonesia it is a unique and multicultural countries in the world. Culture in each region developed along the cultural diversity of the
place or the other tribe. One of the pristine culture is the culture of the Asmat in Irian Jaya.

Papuan tribe in Irian Jaya has some uniqueness that is so special, customs, language, and especially their customary dress. Traditional dresses of Irian Jaya, Asmat, is koteka. Koteka worn by men who lived in the area around Wamena
 Koteka leather gourd that long and narrow, serves to cover part of the male reproductive organs. Its use is tied to the rope around his waist.

These traditional clothes only cover the reproductive organs. So, there can be no other covering for the body. Maybe this is why many black-skinned tribe of Papua. However, because the climate is so hot, is not wrong if their customary dress is so simple.

Clothing for the women is almost equal to men. They only cover the body around the reproductive organs. They wear clothes like a skirt of dried plant root material is twisted or knitted like coarse threads that serve as the subordinate, or it can be said as a skirt that covers their bodies.

Asmat bare-chested women, exactly like the men. They're used to it so it does not violate the norms of decency like in other areas.

You still remember the adage where there trampled earth upheld the sky? Where we are, we must respect the customs and culture of the area. Last post a few years, the development and modernization eventually enter and influence the culture of the Asmat people. This resulted in fewer Asmat who still use their traditional clothing. Many of those who use the same shirts and jeans like most people in the world.

Actually, it does give a good effect because the clothes that cover their bodies properly will reduce the risk of disease. However, beneath it all there is an unfortunate thing because of the uniqueness of traditional dresses of Irian Jaya can not be replaced


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