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Fashion week spring/summer 2012

Into the third day of the shows, the looks have been tried-and-true traditional, with occasional outbursts of bold colour and eccentric styles by Donatella Versace and Alexander McQueen's Sarah Burton.
A look from the Alexander McQueen show Photo: GETTYA
The newest Gucci collection is all in this area aristocrats, dandies and artists gathered in the haven of a noble gentlemen's bash, before a live audience join and exchanging eccentric views.

By time, the Gucci gentleman is into top drawer sportswear from the Equestrian theme with suede padding on trousers and shirts, jockey jackets, cherry linings and saddle edging, to the micro-quilted frame jackets and the large golf trousers complete with elegant pleats.

At night, he is by his generally striking - and he knows it. Dressed in a black tuxedo jacket paired with Prince of Wales checkered trousers and wearing a self-satisfied bow relation and signature Gucci loafers, he needs thumbs down I.D. To make in wherever the have fun is.

Inside pictures: Highlights from time three of Milan men's create week

Donatella Versace ongoing made known faintly with soothing blue and light brown summer suits with large trousers and double-breasted jackets, worn with matching two-tone loafers. But the cool look was single a summer illusion.

Equally soon as the beat of the disco composition got vacant, Versace was back to her old favourites: Black leather, gold studs, buckles and straps all part of her brand tight-fitting sexy styles.

To excitement things up pro then year's spring and summer Versace adds flashes of sharp colour, combining such dodgy palette mates as fuchsia pink pro a jacket with tangerine orange pro the "matching" trousers. To wader, the accompanying flip-flops were in apple conservational leather.

Versace crossed all square boundaries in a run of silk outfits with Baroque patterns gleaned from the label's archives, everywhere amongst other items, a black and blue silk shirt is combined with the same print trousers to look like a jumpsuit.

Inside pictures: Highlights from time two of Milan men's create week

The crafty duo Dolce and Gabbana saluted the versatile foulard in the spring/summer 2012 menswear collection pro their following line, D&G.

Foulards, often made of silk, can be used as a head casing, worn around the narrow part, as a belt, or simply tucked in a sack, like a handkerchief. Inside the D&G collection, the foulard, appearing in semi a dozen patterns, formed the major element of everything from blazers to shirts, from swim trunks to trousers.

The theme was a splendid occasion to deconstruct clothes, and restitch them with a colourful silk cloth to create a contrast of fabrics.

Inside pictures: Highlights from time lone of Milan men's create week

Inside her initially major create trade show since being unveiled as the designer behind Kate Middleton's marriage gown, creative director Burton showed her wilder feature all through the presentation of Alexander McQueen's menswear collection pro then spring and summer.

The line paid tribute to the English rock star, not a small promote niche.

He's larger-than-life, vacant pro bold and even diametrically opposed patterns. But he furthermore has an elegant feature, with well-tailored suits in more subdued shades.

Plaid pants were paired with a checked baseball jacket, the patterns diametrically opposed but the black-and-white colour schemes in harmony. Horizontal stripy jersey went along with pinstriped pants, as though they were permanently predestined to.

For the stage, here were golden thread pinstriped pants. For photo shoots, rockers may possibly don a chest-baring deep V-neck jersey with silky trouser, or a flowery needlepoint jacket with matching peacock blue pants.

Etro's Mediterranean inspired collection, which revisits the elegant shores of the French Riviera in its 1950s heyday, is satiated of references to the years as the swimming suit was born, but men still dressed up pro a pace along the promenade.

Above all the colours capture the second, from the pale sea blue to citrus orange and lemon, to blackberry purple and a demure strawberry red.

Prints underline the theme with like paisley, cool tartans and beach umbrella stripes as well as a run of motif prints ranging from dolphins and sea horses to anchors and tennis rackets.

Bermuda shorts are worn with loafers and black socks, a yesteryear look which regrettably makes a comeback on the current Milan airstrip.


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