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Jewellery Yogyakarta and Solo

Koleksi perhiasan khas Solo dan Yogyakarta
milik Sri Kusumoningrat Gallery. (Foto: Adi Hasan)
Liputan6.com, Jakarta: Among the various forms of gold jewelry and gems, traditional jewelry has its own sense of imagery for the fans. like, a collection of distinctive jewelry Solo and Yogyakarta owned Sri Kusumoningrat Gallery.

When found in the exhibition at Senayan City, Jakarta, Sunday (19 / 6), Julia Kusumo said his gallery has a wide range of jewelry from the classic gold-plated hairpin, Brooch, necklace, rings, earrings up. According to him, form a distinctive motif carvings and jewelry made of Yogyakarta and Solo in demand of domestic consumers to foreign countries.

Although the reproduction of the original jewelry, jewelry with precious stones modified Sirkon enthroned as precious diamond stone. Unlike the imitation jewelry products that use glass and zinc. Antique jewelry that was not reproduced antiques protected, but the jewelry worn the royal families of Solo and Yogyakarta. As a result, middle-class mothers to the official's wife was willing to wear it, like the First Lady Ani Yudhoyono, the wife of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, for example.
Julia is already going out for jewelry for 10 years, said male jewelry (Kakung) shaped brooch worn when they wear traditional Javanese clothes. Shaped brooch dragonfly, spider, until the symbol of Yogyakarta Sultanate Palace. Solo typical male jewelry has its own form with a crown or a star. While the typical woman's brooch Solo, there are additional variations of tassels or senyok Mentul equipped with a crown of flowers. For a typical jewelry Sultan Palace has a butterfly shape.
Regarding the time required for the process, the jewelry is estimated could take two to three weeks, depending on the level of difficulty. Average jewelry plated silver or gold 8 carat to 24 carats, is equipped with a diamond, brown diamond, until the intensity that made diamond skin. The price offered was quite varied, ranging from Rp 1.5 million to $ 4 million.
She claimed to be grateful for her efforts to enter the category of cultural preservation tardisional it often has the support both local governments like Jakarta, to the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (Kemenkop and SMEs). The plan, similar exhibitions will also be held in the Regional Creative Products Week (PPKD) at Balai Kartini Jakarta next 23 to 25 June. (ADI / ADO).



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